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POWER OF HER is a collaboration of organizations across the Greater Cincinnati region, united to activate and amplify women’s voices in the arts. Led by ArtsWave, and inspired by the women’s suffrage movement, the initiative salutes the women who came before us, and honors female leadership and woman-centric works of all kinds.

At its core, POWER OF HER underscores creativity as a vehicle for inclusion and equality by celebrating the female voice — and the many ways it champions a more diverse and vibrant world.

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Hear That?

We’ve always had it. Each of us is born with it. But for years, it was stifled. Muted. Not welcomed.

And so, it bloomed inside every woman — grew and morphed with intensity and insistence until there was nowhere to go but out. And up.

That’s when we joined together and cranked the volume to a ten. Declared that listening to us — hearing us — was no longer optional. We turned the boxes that encased us into pedestals to stand on. Turned failed attempts into poems and rejected ideas into art. Transformed our suppression into motivation and our struggle into song, then watched it reverberate far beyond our mouths.

And today, you can hear it, louder than ever before. It is the voice of women: acknowledged, emerged and amplified. That sound — a billion voices strong, generations deep, layered in bright, bold harmony — is the chorus of power. A power that is undeniably hers.