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CincyJams has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 dates coming soon!


What is ArtsWave CincyJams?

CincyJams is a new ArtsWave event in 2020 and will be a unique take on a Battle of the Bands. Employee bands will compete on March 19 at the historic Woodward Theater OTR with the top winners moving on to perform at Music Hall in April at the CincySings Choir competition and eventually be crowned the CincyJams Champion. 

How will CincyJams work? 

Play an instrument? Grab a few coworkers, form a band and rock out! It’s that simple. Any and all genres welcome, just make sure you wouldn’t be embarrassed for your CEO (who may be in the audience) to hear it. 

Don’t play an instrument? That’s ok, like a true Battle of the Bands, audience response will decide who moves on and who goes home. This means each band needs to pack the house with a cheering section to move on to the big show in April.

Why should I compete? 

1) It’s fun! Live out those rock star dreams and have a great night playing onstage with other musicians from across the region.

2) It’ll connect you to your coworkers! You may not have known Bob from Accounting plays drums, but apparently, he can rock! The arts and music connect us together in ways that almost nothing else can. This is a great way develop relationships at work that you may have never thought possible.

3) You could play at Music Hall! The top two teams at CincyJams will move on to compete head to head against each other at CincySings on April 9 at Music Hall. Once again, the winner will be decided by audience response, however, this time, it will be upwards of 1,000 people.
When is CincyJams?

CincyJams is dropping March 19, 2020 so let us know by February 15, 2020 if you and your coworkers want to play!


Or just need more info? contact Andre Dubois (; 513.632.0133) or Ryan Strand (; 513.632.0148)