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Photo of Charles Gaines, artist who created American Manifest

"The American Manifest"

Harry T. Wilks Studio, Music Hall
TBD Date

 6:15 p.m. FLOW SOCIAL

One of the foremost conceptual artists of the 21st century, Charles Gaines has spent eight years creating “The American Manifest.” From the beginning, the project was designed for Governor’s Island in Manhattan and The Banks of Cincinnati, Ohio, because of the roles these rivers played in the transatlantic slave trade. Confronting and exploring complex themes -- American capitalism, born on the backs of enslaved African people; Manifest Destiny and colonial imperialism; and racism – the project consists of “Moving Chains,” a massive outdoor art installation making its way to Cincinnati in spring 2024; a second installation “Roots” coming to the Cincinnati Art Museum; and an original musical composition, “Manifestos Four,” to be performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. 

“One of the most consequential works of public art in the world…”


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