‘Tis the season to count our blessings, and ArtsWave has begun taking inventory. Here’s Part One of our Gratitude List:

Thank You To…

…The 70 committed leaders on our Board of Directors, who are champions for sustaining the impact of the arts throughout our community;
34 business leaders on the 2015 ArtsWave Campaign Cabinet, chaired by the unmatchable, unstoppable Tom Williams;
1 amazing outgoing board chairKaren Bowman, whose zest for strategy is balanced by finesse at compromise;
1 amazing new board chairLisa Sauer, who embodies smarts, strength and serenity; 
…the 40,076 donors to the 2014 ArtsWave Campaign, chaired by the inspirational Melanie Healey;
1,034 individuals who support the campaign with leadership gifts;
…and the more than 100 arts organizations in Greater Cincinnati that make this a more vibrant and connected region all year long. 

That’s 41,316 reasons to celebrate

Which arts experience or champion are YOU grateful for? Tell us at #ArtsRipple. And, look for Part Two of ArtsWave’s Gratitude List in the next issue of The Ripple Effect.