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How the Arts Make An Impact

Check here for new blog posts, podcasts and more that point to how the arts make an impact on our community. 

  • Cincy's arts and businesses partner to build community

    posted by Alecia Kintner On Feb 16, 2024
    William Cooper Procter, the last member of P&G's founding families to run the company, served as the very first chairman of the board for the organization known today as ArtsWave. Nearly 100 years later, P&G is consistently a top corporate partner for ArtsWave. That relationship underscores the vital partnership between the arts and business in building  a strong, vibrant community. In the latest episode of ArtsWrap, Alecia speaks with P&G's chairman, president & CEO, Jon Moeller, and Lisa Sauer, retired P&G executive, about that relationship.

  • The Cincinnati Region’s Arts Investments Pay Dividends

    posted by Alecia Kintner On Jan 18, 2024
    Imagine learning that one of your investments is returning nearly $43 on every dollar. According to a study released this week, that's the return the Cincinnati region sees for its investment in the arts.