More than 160 top executives signaled strong support for the 2024 ArtsWave Community Campaign, by contributing a total of $2 million in response to a Leadership Challenge issued by Campaign Co-Chairs Jon Moeller, chairman, president and CEO of P&G, and Lisa Sauer, retired P&G executive.

The challenge invited chief executive officers and other c-suite leaders to make new or increased personal gifts of $5,000 or more. Their investments played a significant role in attaining 2024's notable result announced this week: the most dollars ever raised in Cincinnati's united arts fund drive.

Thus far, the 2024 campaign has aggregated 21,000 donations, surpassing ArtsWave's pre-pandemic highwater mark of $12.5 million raised for the region's arts. More than 150 companies conducted workplace giving campaigns for ArtsWave this year, connecting employees to the region's myriad arts and entertainment opportunities. Campaign contributions add up to the largest source of support for the operations and innovations of 50 major arts organizations. In addition, another 100 arts-focused projects will be funded in 31 zip codes in 2024. The ArtsWave Community Campaign is the primary way our region funds local arts every year.

Cincinnati's history and commitment to citizen-led arts support is recognized nationally. Emblematic of this recognition is the recent announcement that Americans for the Arts, a service organization representing local, state and regional arts agencies, will hold its National Convention in Cincinnati in June 2025. It will be the organization's first large-scale convening since before covid and the first time ever in our region.

As local host, ArtsWave is eager to showcase the enviable arts organizations and cultural facilities that set our region apart from others. With $750 million invested in the renovation or new construction of arts facilities by the public and private sectors over the last decade, the Cincinnati region leads the nation in fully accessible and technologically advanced venues — both historic and brand new — for experiencing the arts.

For its part, Americans for the Arts welcomes the chance to bring visitors to experience a city with a 100-year history of community support for the arts. Every ArtsWave donor can be proud to carry on this uniquely Cincinnati tradition, knowing that the rest of the country is cheering us on!

It's not too late to add your support to the 2024 ArtsWave Campaign! Make your gift today at