A global company with deep Cincinnati roots, P&G has been an essential partner for ArtsWave for decades. It runs the largest workplace campaign for ArtsWave with more than 6,200 employees and nearly 400 retirees giving over $1.3 million in 2014 alone. But P&G’s contributions to ArtsWave and our community go far beyond dollars.

When ArtsWave began developing its impact theory five years ago, P&G volunteers from across the company expressed enthusiasm for this new community-centered approach to fundraising and grantmaking. “As we began to talk about making changes, our liaisons at P&G were very supportive,” remembers Lisa Wolter, Senior Director, Corporate Campaign, ArtsWave.  “They encouraged us to follow what our research was telling us about why people valued the arts and affirmed that we needed to connect the dots between ArtsWave, our arts partners, and the quality of life in our region.”  As the impact theory took shape, ArtsWave looked to P&G as a model for data-driven innovation and consumer-focused design.

ArtsWave is grateful to P&G for its advocacy and support of the arts across Greater Cincinnati. In the past few years, P&G experts have served as consultants to ArtsWave in design, marketing, social media, and campaign development.  One of the most innovative recent projects to come out of this partnership was CincySings, a city-wide singing competition for employee choirs from top companies across the region.  Working from an idea suggested by Melanie Healey, President, North America, P&G and the 2014 ArtsWave Community Campaign Chair, dozens of P&G employees volunteered hundreds of hours to help make the first annual CincySings a success.

Thank you for all that you do, P&G!