What’s it like to be a part of a company Sing Off event? Our friends at Duke Energy shared this story that shows how CincySings brings employees together.

IMG_7738An attorney by trade, Rocco D’Ascenzo (associate general counsel) also has a passion for music. In fact, his music degree from Otterbein College was the result of a lifetime of singing, a skill he’s cultivated since age 4. That’s why, when asked to participate in the CincySings citywide competition – one of the key attractions for the annual Ohio/Kentucky ArtsWave campaign – he immediately stepped up.

“I had a great time participating in last year’s competition. So, I jumped at the opportunity to sing again this year,” said D’Ascenzo. “You get to meet so many other great folks you would not normally come into contact with. And it builds excitement on the value the arts play in the community.”

In the first round of competition, two Duke ensembles – Enstyl and Pure Energy – took to the mic on Feb. 13 to showcase their harmonies. The groups included a diversity of performers: former high school choir students, current church choir members, past Cinergy choir singers, an open mic troubadour, a wedding soloist, plus first-time singers. Enstyl performed “Price Tag” and Pure Energy covered “Rolling in the Deep.” 
The groups joined for the first time three weeks ago and developed their performances mainly over lunch-time rehearsals. One competitor, Linda Young (Work Management Support), a worship leader who has also sung our national anthem at the Lineman’s Rodeo in Plainfield, Ind., gave her take on the rehearsal process.

IMG_7566“We rehearsed the song so many times that it rang out in my mind before going to bed and was there when I awoke. Everyone had the same experience. But the rehearsals were necessary. Each time we added something to the song or took something away. We never went over a soprano, alto, or tenor part; somehow we just blended. We didn’t even know how we were going to end the song until recording day. In the end, it all came together.”

Chuck Session, vice president, Government and Community Affairs – Ohio and Kentucky, who previously sang in a church choir, gave his perspective on the competition. “The arts play a foundational role in the vitality of the region. As a proud supporter of ArtsWave, the CincySings competition is just another way to be involved in a fun and creative way. I encourage everyone to make the arts a key part of their life.”

Duke Energy employees from all over the region voted and Enstyl emerged the winner. They’ll compete in the
CincySings Semi-Finals on Saturday, March 14 at the Jarson-Kaplan theater against eight other teams. The Semi-Finals event begins at 2:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public.Teams that advance to the finals will perform in the second annual CincySings at Music Hall on Wednesday, April 8. 

For Teri O’Neill, CincySings provided the opportunity for her public debut. “The most I’ve ever sung is as part of the audience when my husband’s band is playing. But this has been a lot of fun. It’s amazing how far the teams have come in just a few weeks of rehearsals. Hopefully, CincySings will be an annual event for years to come.”