YPCC 2014A night filled with great food and drinks ending in a large group breaking out into song might typically be frowned upon in some Cincinnati establishments. However, when the Young Professionals’ Choral Collective (YPCC)  is there, it’s just a typical Tuesday night.

YPCC seeks to bring together 21-45 year olds who love to sing and want to find new friends to explore the burgeoning bar and restaurant scene in OTR and Downtown Cincinnati. What began as a small group of singers meeting at Below Zero Lounge, now is rotating roster of over 525 members singing to sold-out crowds.

According to YPCC’s Artistic Director KellyAnn Nelson, “(YPCC) is filled with people who love to create, to sing and to connect to each other and their city.  We’re only in our third season, but we’re seeing new singers come out in droves to make high-quality music in unique spaces.”  Many of the group members sang in high school and college, and they are now seeking out YPCC in order to make new friends who share a similar passion.

Ms. Nelson continues “They’re learning more about the amazing arts organizations in this city through YPCC’s arts partnerships for each concert cycle. We’ve developed a mission that looks like a triangle with three points of connection--local arts organizations, local businesses like bars & restaurants, and each other. YPCC is seeing singers come together each week to create music, but the singers are making a real impact on the city by putting down roots, discovering reasons to stay and play in Cincinnati--and having fun!”

Nelson is looking toward Season 4 and beyond, and she’s excited to expand their arts partnerships as part of each concert cycle.  Stay tuned for the group’s season release soon. Last year’s concert season was released on a beer coaster, so who knows what to expect this year!

The next chance to catch Young Professionals’ Choral Collective in action is on May 19
th for Drinking and Dancing at the Christian Moerlin Tap Room or on June 6th when YPCC will join the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra for the Broadway Sing-Along at Riverbend Music Center . If you are interested in attending a concert or becoming a YPCC singer, visit the YPCC website at www.ypccsing.org or follow their hashtag #WheresYPCC.

YPCC at ArtsWave YP Celebration 2015