ArtsWave provides grants to three new arts for health programs.

ArtsWave believes that the arts can help everyone lead a healthy and expressive life. In the past, we have partnered with Interact for Health to help organizations integrate the arts with active living, and have invested in a wide variety arts and health initiatives.

Research is being done across the country about how the arts can improve health outcomes. We at ArtsWave have been thrilled to see the prevalence of studies and articles about how the arts help prevent memory loss in seniors,the arts are helping veterans, and the arts can and should be used in hospitals.

Earlier this month, ArtsWave announced three new Arts for Health grants to expand arts programs that improve health outcomes for Greater Cincinnati residents. This initiative is funded through restricted grants as part of the ArtsWave Community Campaign. We encourage you to read more about these new grants here. Arts + Health = ArtsWave in Action!

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