Workplace campaigns are an essential component of the ArtsWave Community Campaign, contributing more than 54% of the total dollars. We are especially grateful to our Partner Companies that raise $100,000 or more. This week, we want to recognize a Partner Company that’s seen amazing growth in its campaign in the past two years: Cincinnati Bell.

Cincinnati Bell 2015 The numbers tell the story. In 2013, Cincinnati Bell saw $162,000 in gifts from 1,038 donors.  Two years later, in 2015, they reached $284,000 in gifts from 1,357 donors! Strong support from Ted Torbeck, President and CEO, and strategic planning by enthusiastic campaign leaders Ron Beerman, Donna Hinkel, and Tom Simpson helped drive these incredible results.

“Co-chairs Ron Beerman, Donna Hinkel, and Tom Simpson are a great team,” says Jodi Perry, ArtsWave’s Senior Manager, Corporate Campaign. “They know the secret to success: support from company leaders combined with detail-oriented team members focused on daily e-pledge follow-ups and campaign events. They also recommend best practices for large companies like deploying floor captains and giving them responsibility to drive success.”  This hands-on approach engages employees from all parts of the company, and floor captains rose to the occasion by hosting arts speakers and planning events.

They also know how to make the campaign fun.  For a floor captains’ event, they brought in Julie Sunderland from the Cincinnati Ballet who led them in a lunchtime dance routine.

Thanks to everyone at Cincinnati Bell for your tremendous support.  You are ArtsWave in Action!

Cincinnati Bell Julie Sunderland Ballet 2015