CAM REC loom

“Art is for looking, not touching.” Most of us have been restricted by this phrase at some point in our lives, probably as curious children exploring an art museum.  The Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM) is offering a place for that curiosity to run wild with the new Rosenthal Education Center (REC).

The REC is a space for families and children of all ages to explore art. This interactive space provides an opportunity for families to have safe, hands-on fun, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in art with all of their senses, not just sight.  Since its grand opening on March 7
th, families from throughout Greater Cincinnati have visited the REC to enjoy a fun and educational experience.  Surrounded by galleries on the first floor of the museum, the REC adds to the museum’s effort to improve the overall flow of the museum.

CAM REC family touch screenThe REC is composed of two main components, the first of which is a themed interactive space.  The theme of the space changes three times a year and relates to the museum’s permanent collection, special exhibitions, or other features of art and culture throughout the world.  Using works of art from the museum and coupling them with a variety of activities, this space allows all children to experience art regardless of age, learning styles, or interests.  The current theme is “Color,” focused around teaching children about the science of mixing colors using a light wall, loom, twister game, and art-making activities.

CAM REC light boardThe studio—the second main component of the REC—complements the interactive space, offering art projects that correspond with the current theme.  Right now, children can make suncatchers in the studio, and in October, the activities will change to fit the new theme:  “Ancient World.”

Staff and volunteers are always present to guide families through the REC.  If you are interested in volunteering, the Art Museum is looking for enthusiastic individuals to assist children at the REC on weekends.  Additionally, the studio will be used for other CAM art-making programs, including Summer Camps, Wee Wednesdays, and Family First Saturdays.

CAM REC family loomAlthough the space is intended for kids from ages 3 to 12, CAM was surprised to find that people of all ages, from toddlers to adults, have enjoyed spending time at the REC.  Regardless of age, CAM hopes that everyone can leave the REC having learned more about art while having a good time.

Cincinnati Art Museum believes that this space will contribute to the museum’s long history of providing excellent arts education to Greater Cincinnati.  ArtsWave is proud to support arts education programs like these that offer opportunities for students across the region to develop the 21
st century skills they need to be successful in school, work, and life.

Visit the REC to connect, learn, and grow with your family.  For more information about the REC, visit the CAM website at

CAM REC open room