ArtsWave is currently accepting applicants for its 12th Class of BOARDway Bound, which begins September 9th.  For more information or to obtain an application, please contact or call 513-632-0128. 

BOARDway Bound is a training and matching program consisting of:

       · Four hours of assigned Independent webinars

       · Six in-class meetings including presentations by professionals working in the
         field, case studies and activities which complement the web-based learning

       · Content covers: Good board governance, responsibilities and the other functional
         roles of Boards, fiduciary and legal oversight, fundraising and shared business

       · The program concludes with an observership component within an arts

“The BOARDway Bound program was an invaluable opportunity for me to leverage and develop my leadership skills in a different way,” said Chris Coy, Director - HR Reinvent at Macy’s and a 2014 BOARDway Bound graduate.  “Coming from a corporate Fortune 500 company I had a lot to learn about being a leader with a smaller, non-profit arts organization.  Through my placement with Manifest Gallery, I am now directly contributing in a tangible way to the arts and our community.”

Having both younger and transplanted employees engage in a program like BOARDway Bound is a win-win-win for employers, the employees and the arts. Why? Here are just a few reasons

       · It’s good business. Americans reward companies that pay it forward. Two-thirds
         of executives say that good corporate citizenship produces a tangible
         contribution to the bottom line, and seven of 10 Americans say a commitment to
         social issues is an important factor in deciding in which companies to invest.
         Having your company represented on arts boards places it in the same league
         as some of the countries most philanthropic corporations.

       · It’s good marketing. Employees’ participation on boards add to their personal
         and professional reputation, and to that of their companies. It expands their
         networks and deepens their understanding of the broader community.

It’s good career development. Board service offers employees the chance to
         exercise the skills they’ve mastered while expanding into new challenges.
         Almost two-thirds of corporate volunteers report positive impacts on their career. 

       · It’s good for ALL parties. Nonprofit board members report a profound sense of
         engagement and renewal as they share their talents for a worthy cause.
         Employees who feel engaged perform 20% better than non-engaged employees*
         and offices with engaged employees are 43% more productive**. It’s a win-win-

The BOARDway Bound progam has placed over 300 recruits on arts board over the past 12 years, improving the operations and governance of these organizations exponentially.  If you’re an employer looking for a way to retain some of your best key talent, if you are an employee new to town looking to more deeply connect to your new home, or if you’re a YP looking to use your skills in new ways while expanding your professional network, consider registering for BOARDway Bound today!

Data Sources: * - Gallup Management Group, ** - The Hay Group