One of the things that makes Cincinnati stand out for me is the wonderful symbiosis between old and new, past and future. Some of the first-of-their-kind arts organizations originated in Cincinnati – for instance, the Cincinnati Children’s Theatre, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Art Museum and May Festival Chorus are among the country’s earliest examples of similar institutions. These and other arts organizations with long-time histories collaborate with new arts groups like Elementz, Concert: Nova and the Young Professionals Choral Collective. The mash-up keeps our arts scene in a healthy state of reinvention. 

We are likewise energized by the chance to work with both long-established Cincinnati’s businesses and the region’s growing entrepreneurial community. When Frisch’s® Big Boy, one of our most steadfast corporate partners and historically a great supporter of the arts, offered to donate its arts collection to raise money for ArtsWave, we jumped at the chance to test out a new partnership. We turned to one of Cincinnati’s newer innovation successes, the auction site, EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE ( and asked them to work their online magic. This exciting partnership to sell art and raise money for ArtsWave launches at 2 a.m. this Sunday morning. 

Nineteen works of art will be featured in the six-day sale, which runs April 10-16. Auction lovers and art enthusiasts around the globe will have the chance to bid – as will all our Cincinnati friends! Featured artists include John Ruthven, Ik Joong Kang, Adam Hayward, Beverly Erchel, Daniel Roache, and Esther Levy. The auction represents one of the final events in this year’s 2017 ArtsWave Community Campaign, and is going to help us close a gap to the finish line. Please check it out, check back often all week long, and tell a friend! A complete listing of all artists and pieces can be found at Sign-up and bidding can be done from April 10-16 at

The online auction is another example of ArtsWave’s commitment to arts and technology ventures. Our second annual ArtsWave Tidal: Arts x Tech, presented by Fifth Third Bank, is set for the weekend of April 21-23. This year we’ll be posing six different arts-related challenges to be solved by teams of marketers, coders, designers and technicians. There is no fee to register and all talents are welcome. Click here for more details. 

Through projects like the EBTH online art auction and Tidal: Arts x Tech, ArtsWave is connecting the local innovation community with our well established arts community. We’re harnessing the energy of both to result in a whole new wave of vibrancy that will distinguish our region for decades to come.