What's Old is Contemporary

If you're looking for a world-class cultural event this weekend, Bi-Okoto has you covered. On Saturday, Bi-Okoto will present the annual "What's Old is Contemporary Cultural Festival.” This event features African and Indian Cultural dance and music, from the origins of both musical traditions through the genres they continue to influence today.

This year, several special guests will be visiting our region to take part in "What's Old is Contemporary." KanKouran West African Dance Company will travel from Washington, D.C. to take part, while traditional Indian folk art group Yakshahejje School of Yakshagana and Performing Arts will be visiting from Indianapolis. Organizations closer to home will take part as well, including classical Indian dance group Nrityarpana School of Performing Arts, Bollywood dance group Satrangi School of Fusion and, of course, Bi-Okoto.

"What's Old is Contemporary" highlights the similarities of African and Indian cultural dance, music and folk stories that have evolved over the years from traditional dances to contemporary pop music and dance, all of which invigorates and influences other styles around the world. Some of the best talent in the nation will be on display this weekend. This rare event is for all ages and is aimed to bridge divides between both generations and cultures by celebrating each other’s traditions, differences and similarities through art.

The festival will take place at the School for Creative and Performing Arts—Mayerson Theatre at 108 West Central Parkway from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ticket information can be found here.