ArtsWave Pass

The arts are an indispensable part of what makes the Greater Cincinnati region amazing. We have incredible theaters, world-class musicians, beautiful museums and vibrant participation in community arts. The arts are everywhere, and one of the most important things ArtsWave can do is to make them more accessible to everyone. It was with this in mind that ArtsWave first offered the ArtsWave Pass.

Conceived as a donor benefit, ArtsWave Pass offers buy one, get one and free and deep discounts and deals to 100+ arts experiences, restaurants, shops and sports. Until this year, ArtsWave Pass was available primarily through workplace giving programs, a part of the ArtsWave Annual Community Campaign. Now, ArtsWave is available any time of the year, and getting your own ArtsWave Pass is easier than ever.


When you use ArtsWave Guide to find events to attend, you may notice that some of the listings have an ArtsWave Pass logo and a purple button you can click. That button will take you to a page describing the discounts you can receive as an ArtsWave Pass holder. From there, you can easily sign up to purchase your own ArtsWave Pass. That purchase is considered a charitable donation for tax purposes, making it fully deductible.

The discounts you can access as an ArtsWave Pass holder are truly amazing. It could easily pay for itself with two to three uses. Those under 40 can opt in for YP Extras, additional deals exclusive to young professionals. While you enjoy a discounted night out with theater, museums, a game, dinner or maybe a bit of shopping, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase was a gift to ArtsWave, which helps makes our region's arts scene thrive.

Visit to find out how you can support ArtsWave and enjoy more arts experiences than you ever imagined.