Maya Angelou: A Writer's Legacy

Welcome to 2018! With a new year upon us, we thought it fitting to look back at an artist whose legacy needs no introduction. On January 26, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati will bring the world premiere of "Maya Angelou: A Writers Legacy" to their Ralph and Patricia Corbett Showtime Stage.

Over the course of her 86 years with us, Maya Angelou has held many titles, including actress, dancer, songwriter, poet and political activist. All of her accomplishments were done with the mantra her mother instilled in her: “Do the right thing." Ms. Angelou’s life was thrown for a loop several times, starting at 16 when she became pregnant and moved out on her own. Throughout her early struggles, she found her way to music and the spoken word.

Through her work, the world gained a peerless leader and entertainer. Ms. Angelou’s sincere and poignant writing, political activism and humanitarian service taught us to value each other as beautiful, intelligent, works of art.

There will be two performances of "Maya Angelou: A Writer's Legacy" on January 26. Tickets are $10 ($15 on the day of the show) and are available through Ticketmaster here. Only 152 seats and a limited number of lap passes are available for each performance. After January 26, TCT on Tour will bring the production to other local communities, with performances at the Bi-Okoto Cultural Center on February 3 and at Memorial Hall on February 17.