We Are the Arts lager

Since 2016, ArtsWave has partnered with a Greater Cincinnati brewery to release a distinct beer as part of our annual Community Campaign. Over the course of the last three campaigns, ArtsWave has raised thousands of dollars for our region's arts organizations from beer sales alone. This year, we're proud to partner with Fretboard Brewing Company, recently named "Best New Ohio Brewery" by RateBeer.

Fretboard is a community-driven brewery in Blue Ash that thrives on creative expression and giving back. They use beer, BBQ, and music to bring people together for causes that benefit the greater whole. With such a focus on musical artistry and liquid freedom, a partnership with ArtsWave for the 2019 Community Campaign formed a duo that rivals any in the industry. The collaboration brew itself is "We Are the Arts," named for this year's Campaign slogan.

As a slogan, "We Are the Arts" is a direct nod to all who not only partake in the arts, but also support them to make our region stronger. As a beer, "We Are the Arts" is an Ohio Artisan Lager, brewed with Haus Malts out of Cleveland. Mandarina Bavaria hops give this easy-drinking lager an aroma of orange peel and a slight hop after-note. "We Are the Arts" Ohio Artisan Lager is available around Cincinnati in 6-pack cans and on draft. It's already flying off the shelves and is one of Fretboards top three selling beers!

To commemorate the launch of the beer — and of the 2019 ArtsWave Community Campaign — Fretboard hosted a kickoff party at their Blue Ash space. Speed artist Mark Thesken painted a stylized cityscape of Cincinnati before the eyes of all in attendance, which was raffled off to a lucky winner as soon as it was finished. Singer-songwriter Kyle Hackett and his band provided music for the rest of the evening.

Check local stores and bars to find the "We Are the Arts" lager so you can support the arts at happy hour!