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ArtsWave Puzzle Crawl

Welcome to the ArtsWave edition of the Puzzle Crawl! If you scroll down below, you'll find a link to a puzzle for you to solve. The solution will give you the password you need to win the game. When you think you have the answer, click the link below the puzzle (or click the SOLVE button in the puzzle itself) and enter the password. You'll be asked to send a message directly to your friendly neighborhood Puzzle Master. The first person or team to send that message wins!

To help us get started, we're going to check in with the performing arts.

Plot Twists

It looks like there's been a mix-up with some theater and concert programs. It's up to you to set it right! First, you may need to learn a bit about performing arts organizations in the Cincinnati region. Take a look at this video message to get a few clues:

Click here to start the puzzle!

Ready for Curtain Call?

There's one more step! Click here when you think have the password.