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How the Arts Make An Impact

Check here for new blog posts, podcasts and more that point to how the arts make an impact on our community. 

  • CCHMC September 2

    Produced with Exuberance

    posted by Alecia Kintner On Mar 10, 2015
    My daughter Delaney recently asked me to be "The Producer" for her act in the elementary school talent show. The Working-Mommy part of my brain silently shrieked, "Oh no! I don't have time for One More Thing!" The Juggling-Mommy part of me said out loud, "Of course, what do you want to do?"

  • IMG_0440

    Pictures of Freedom

    posted by Alecia Kintner On Mar 10, 2015
    Picture Freedom has challenged young people across the country to explore what freedom and equality means to them, and to express their thoughts through art.

  • mshawmeker twitter stars

    Seven Amazing Workplace Engagement Stories

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Mar 10, 2015
    Sometimes creating community through the arts starts in a cubicle or cafeteria. We love the creative and engaging activities that companies create as part of their ArtsWave workplace campaigns.

  • Duke Energy Duketeers

    Soul-sounding voices rock for the arts

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Mar 10, 2015
    What's it like to be a part of a company Sing Off event? Our friends at Duke Energy shared this story that shows how CincySings brings employees together.

  • Elementz Sampler dance

    Choose Your Own Sampler Adventure

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Mar 02, 2015
    Choose your own Macy's Arts Sampler adventure with these handy itineraries for 2015. Find the best bets for kids, adults, music lovers, and more.

  • Cincinnati’s soul in its arts, culture

    posted by Tom Williams On Feb 27, 2015
    The heart and soul of a community, what truly distinguishes one city from the next, is its software – namely, education, innovation, and arts and culture, broadly defined. This is the soul that puts Cincinnati on the map. This is what makes us a truly unique mid-sized city.

  • MUSE Choir

    Culture Splash – March 2015

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 26, 2015
    March brings a wide variety of arts events that reflect the diverse array of cultures and perspectives in our community. Expand your horizons this month and experience the world in a new way through the arts. Discovering what connects us – that’s ArtsWave in Action.

  • Street+Food+Fest+Walnut+Hills+8

    More Than 90 Reasons to Venture Out

    posted by Alecia Kintner On Feb 24, 2015
    When I first moved here and marveled at all there is to do, a friend remarked enthusiastically that “Cincinnati has more festivals than weekends.” ArtsWave has been producing one of Cincinnati’s many festivals for nearly 30 years, and it’s coming up next weekend on March 7-8. Macy's Arts Sampler is two days of nearly 100 free arts events that span from Japanese music to puppet shows to hip-hop dance.

  • 2014 OG2C8 slide 96dpi POWERPOINT

    14 More Greater Cincinnati Free Arts Experiences

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 24, 2015
    Has Macy's Arts Sampler left you wanting more arts experiences? Here are 14 additional opportunities to discover the amazing arts in our region for free.

  • MYCincinnati

    MYCincinnati Builds Community in Price Hill

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 24, 2015
    For 10 hours a week in Price Hill, young neighbors gather to study music. We asked MYCincinnati Program Director Laura Jekel to share how this program makes an impact on the community.

  • Free Arts with Macy’s

    posted by Rebecca Calkin On Feb 24, 2015
    Each year, Macy’s steps up to provide the entire region with a very special gift--ArtsWave’s Signature Event, Macy’s Arts Sampler.

  • American Modern CincySings Credit J. Sheldon

    ArtsWave’s CincySings Competition Grows in Second Year

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 17, 2015
    ArtsWave announces the return of its region-wide choral competition, CincySings, hosted by artist Drew Lachey at Music Hall on Wednesday, April 8 at 7:00 p.m. Teams of employee choirs from top regional companies that participate in the ArtsWave Community Campaign will face-off in this high-energy evening of music and fun.

  • Valentine's Day Roundup

    posted by Rebecca Calkin On Feb 11, 2015
    With Valentine's Day approaching, treat your sweetie to tasty wine AND give back to ArtsWave at the same time. Use your ArtsPass to get a great deal on an amazing artsy date night! Discover a selection of wine offerings at local restaurants, as well as some amazing ArtsPass events this weekend.

  • MayFest & CSO

    Cincinnati's Superpower

    posted by Alecia Kintner On Feb 10, 2015
    Cincinnati’s arts community embraces collaboration as a core value. Working together is our superpower, epitomized by the ArtsWave annual community campaign, dating back to 1949. Just think: once a year, for twelve weeks, arts organizations jointly promote fundraising by ArtsWave for the sake of generating tens of thousands of contributions for the entire arts ecosystem.

  • Amazing Arts Race Toast

    Dine Out and Give Back

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 10, 2015
    Toast to the Arts gives diners the opportunity to give to ArtsWave while enjoying great wines and beers at favorite restaurants and breweries.

  • Elementz dancers

    Confidence Boost: Young Artists Share a Bigger Stage

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 10, 2015
    Tom Kent of Elementz Hip Hop Center for Youth shares how collaborations with other arts organizations has a positive effect on their young artists.

  • Sampler March 15 2014 Memorial Hall

    Five Collaborations Sparked by ArtsWave

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Feb 10, 2015
    By regularly convening arts leaders and staff from large and small organizations, ArtsWave serves as a hub for the development of collaborations, partnerships, and shared resources.

  • CBalletArtinthePark

    ArtsWave Campaign Seeks to Expand Base of Support in 2015

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Jan 28, 2015
    As the Greater Cincinnati region draws more national buzz as a city on the rise, 2015 ArtsWave Campaign Chair Tom Williams leads the charge for increased investment in the arts that make our community an amazing place to live. Today, Williams announced a goal of $12.2 million for the 2015 Community Campaign.-

  • Elementz Sampler 2014

    Macy’s Arts Sampler Returns for One Major Weekend

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Jan 28, 2015
    The 2015 Macy’s Arts Sampler Weekend presented by ArtsWave, will be held over one weekend from March 7-8, 2015, and will offer more than 100 events, activities and performances throughout Greater Cincinnati. All events are free and open to the public through the sponsorship of Macy’s.

  • Arts Education at Kennedy Heights

    ArtsWave Announces Funding for Strategic Initiatives in Arts for Health and Arts Education

    posted by Rebecca Bromels On Jan 28, 2015
    ArtsWave announces opportunities for arts and community organizations to apply for more than $100,000 in new support to connect the arts to larger community initiatives around health and education. These targeted grants programs are part of ArtsWave’s strategy to leverage the power of the arts to address broad community goals. These opportunities are funded through restricted gifts to the ArtsWave annual community campaign.