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ArtsWave Puzzle Crawl Part One

Welcome to the ArtsWave edition of the Puzzle Crawl! Each page of the puzzle crawl will have a puzzle for you to solve. The solution will give you the password you need to move on to the next page. When you think you have the answer, click the link below and enter the password to move on. When you finish the final puzzle, you'll be asked to send a message directly to your friendly neighborhood Puzzle Master. The first person or team to send that message wins!

What an Artist Needs


Your support for ArtsWave gives artists and organizations the lift they need to create a vibrant Cincinnati region. Without your help, our region would be much less colorful. To start off, take a look at the painting in this first puzzle and help the artist improve it by finding what they need to create great art.

Click here to get started.

Finish the Masterpiece?

When you think you have the answer, click here to move on to the next puzzle. Be ready to enter the password!

Our thanks to Puzzle Crawl for their help in developing this experience!